Seekers Ahoy

Who Wants to Help me Write Something Truly Unique and Great…

Here is what I have so far.

Cast List


Terribly Successful Inventor, in that he always invents things, but they don’t really work the way they were intended to work by design.  Luckily, several things have gone on to make a lot of money with the help of the overall company’s connections with various governments, internet and unsavory characters.


Jack of all Trades Performer, comes in with literally billions of followers as he is a successful youtube sensation, turned “Broadway Star, Rock n Roll Star and basically he is our Wayne Brady”  …also has a natural way with people, and entertains a lot on the Outdoor Party Patio and Mini Vegas


Founder of the Organization, which was developed to find his lost family that disappeared from this spot 15 years ago through a bend in Space/Time.  In time he partnered up with Andrew and Michael to build a Massive Enterprise with the ultimate goal to track down and find his lost family, which we found 4 years ago, but we were enjoying the new Enterprise so much we kept it going, searching for um…  “Seeker’s Ahoy” was born, a Human – Search Engine Network.


Newbie to the Organization, as at the beginning of the story she was one of 5 people being secretly vetted for the position, we needed a woman’s perspective on things and Shara was a woman, as she has stated on many occasions, many times without being asked.  Her skills are kindness, charitable giving and Social Hosting, also has assumed the role of President in charge of operations, because the other three guys don’t really like to think about it all that much, welcome to your first day, by the way there is a fire on the “The Internet” floor and 3 missing intergalactic citizens from the Planet Yumars in the “That One” Galaxy… last seen near the “Sorting Waste and Charitable Giving Department” Floor


Owner and Operator of the Five & Dime and Drive through Convenient Store.  He is Eclectic, Very Kind, Grandfatherly Charm, and forgets anything that has happened in the last 5 minutes, very good long term memory though, he thinks, it’s a bit spotty when it reminisces for very long.  Has no real clue as to what is ultimately going on, on the premises, but seems to always have the personal on hand to get the work done.  Has a tact board in his office that he re-arranges from time to time so that no employee gets too comfortable or too bored in their job…   all employees where multiple hats, some employees have been working on the grounds for many years, as they were from the future and to learn about the beginning of the organization (from a grass roots level) travelled back in time on their 20th year with the company, so all the people with the company “presently’ are very strong and very dedicated to their job, whatever job (Chris) decides to put them in, in a given day.


Many More Characters will be developed over time; this is merely the beginning of our Adventure together.

Creative Writing

Based on the Drawing in the front of the book, the story begins at the beginning of Year 15 of the Organization (which still needs a proper name)


Michael comes out of his cubicle which he works at from 5am-5pm (Everyday of the Week) …He double jumps on the trampoline and is lowered to the Loft above the Coffee Shop.  He comes in complaining that he is swamped and is getting tired of having to do all these Radio Talk Show Appearances all the time, also keeps getting interrupted by employees asking him to decide on one detail or another for the Organization, as is his responsibility (Rodney, Andy, Michael split up some mundane responsibilities when Andy began expanding his Extra Dimensional duties a few years back.

Anyway Michael is pissy, moody and all that, mainly because he rarely sleeps as he is an international celebrity and tends to Party the other 12 hours of the day.  “I’m getting tired of deciding what color I want the halls to be on the International Door Levels to be”

Rodney being a pretty smart fellow in his own right looks up from his comic book and says, “You once said we should think about hiring or partnering up with another person to job share the responsibilities a little more…  I interoffice mailed 5 fully vetted candidates to your cubicle a month ago, have you reviewed those?  Is there one you think could work?”


Michael fidgets nervously, “I, liked the girl”

“Which girl?” Rodney demanded

Michael “the, pretty one?”

Rodney “oh no, I am not going through that again, there is a gal from Spartanburg, South Carolina who has been trying to come on board since her freshman year in college”

“How old is she now?”  Andrew chimes in from a speaker system (he is more than likely in his Laboratory with an earpiece in listening for key phrases so he knows when to engage in the discussion with his 2 volatile roommates and business partners and lifelong friends.


Rodney explains, “Andrew you need to give you two cents on this assignment as well”

Rodney immediately regrets that statement, Andrew begins to explain his deductive reasoning skills about the five finalists for the position in a quite archaic, scientific and very very detailed and specific manner.  And keeps sending supporting data to Rodney and Michael’s Smart Phone , Tablets, Phones, Fax Machines, etc…  finally Rodney speaks up, cutting off Andrew’s dissertation by saying “Thank you Andrew, yes I don’t know what I was thinking, I already have your in depth research and spreadsheets and notes upon notes on the subjects… I will take them under advisement and I thank you, we can take it from here…okay …okay?   Um…  and he’s gone, great…  now Michael,  (who has also left) oh What the?”


Michael is combing through his interoffice mail and finds the list of candidates in his inbox,  the candidates are”

Quentin:   a Deaf, Blind and Mute Cyborg who has a Heart of Gold, which is a stupid thing to give a Robot, but whatever… his created is an eccentric trillionnaire that likes making things of cheap materials like gold, but honestly the connection to the creator is the only real reason the Cyborg is even a candidate.

Betty:   Wow, um she might be Too Hot; can we ask her to where less provocative clothing?   “She is that is a circus tent wrapped around her” well, it’s still works for me, would she be open to a work-release program?    Oh wow a fiery temper on that one too, who was that?  That is her mother; Betty won’t sign unless we also hire her extended family.   Well how many people are we talking about?  7? 70?  1700!!!!  …wow, where would they all stay?  I mean she can stay with me, oh geez!  Watch out!  , That was close with the zapper! Lady!  …okay deals off… who vetted this woman?    “a couple of adolescent school boys, okay well that makes sense, I mean I even just want to just hire her to stand in one place all day long.   Oh great now I’ve been stabbed again, “medic!”     Andrew’s “Medic Bot” appears from the ceiling little a Vampire Bat “AHHH! why does he story that thing up there?”   Medic Bot repairs Rodney’s right bicep that was recently stabbed by the voluptuous former candidate, who along with 1700 of her closest relatives are now homeless.  Which is probably only temporary… yeah you see a traveling church group just picked up betty and her family is commandeering the rest of the rush hour traffic to follow her new found family home to Western Texas to begin a new Cult in her honor, more than likely ….that is going to come back to haunt us…   which would explain the religious Zealots that keep trying to breach the western wall of the organization in thousand years… what are they called again?  “The Bettonians, I think, probably no relation”

Shara:   Shara, can develop her own backstory, UNLESS she wants me to do it, which I have some ideas, but I am willing to table them

Yasimariferking:   He is a former Militant Extremist, Born Again Capitalist… was born in a part of the world that isn’t on Google Maps, and so you know it’s in the middle of no where’s Ville.  He has done his fair share of bad things in his life, but now really likes all the same shows, music and clothes your kids’ do, so how bad could he be honestly?   …wait what is his name?  I can’t even say that, would he go by a nickname?  Like “Bub? Or Chief?”   …oh wow he got a little violent when you called him chief, I think we will pass this year, but if…  oh geez, more violence…  we should probably not have offered to set up that “training area” on the grounds, that looks like a serious amount of trouble heading our way….  Someone call Andrew and see if there is a Dimension we can devote to these fine gentlemen,  “watch out they’ve All got a knife!”   (Zing) – they have now been transported off the grid…  nothing to see here, please move it along

Todd:   Really Really Super Nice Guy, a lot of people think he is great, but they would never personally vouch for him, as he is a bit of a Loose Cannon.  (think Kenneth from 30 Rock with a Dark Shady Secret, or does he? No one knows, no one really cares, but seriously don’t pick him, he crazy)


Michael and Rodney agree that Shara is the least likely to kill them in their sleep option…  So who is going to tell her?   …um rock, paper, scissors for it?   Um hello?  Oh you just left?   Okay Ill do it, Rodney exclaimed to no one, well not no one, the “Medic Bot” is still there, patiently waiting in the rafters…  “do you really need to breathe like that?  You are a robot, its creepy…   ah ah ah, go back to the breathing the hissing is definitely more unsettling”


Rodney gets his belongings together and sets the Human – Search Engine Business of “Seekers Ahoy” on “2nd Shift, which dispatches the responsibilities of the organizations day to day ferreting information out to a third party that resides, lives and worships on the between 1st and 3rd Southern Sub Levels of the Property.

Shara :  Where do you see yourself at the moment Rodney would approach you to join this boundless franchise of randomness?   That is what I will leave to you.  Do you have your entire family?  Is it just you?  Are you a Drifter, or an established professional in a dedicated field you have studied for years to attain?  Etc etc etc…

Rodney:  How do you choose to travel, where do you go, do you bring anything, anyone with you, and do you meet anyone along the way?  Think  “Road Trip” story for your part, your job is to find, then convince Shara to join the organization.

Michael:  You are setting up for the next 12 hours, you party harder than anyone, but you have to last the full time, you frankly never sleep, its cat naps here or there, but for the most part you are always ready to rock n roll and be among your fans.  You have a few groupies that you tend to “lead-on” and make them do random tasks for you, because you really don’t have time for all the crap Rodney and Andrew give you to do…  so they are your Staff of Groupies…   which ultimately are fantastic to you

Andrew:  I will start to explore how Andrew got to this point in his life and also the back stories of the three other characters a little bit more….  Just a guideline, I hope that will spark your own creativity.




How Andrew got to this place…  Andrew was a Fry Cook for Hardees in Champaign Illinois in 1994…  he wasn’t special, hell after a series of tests it was determined he is the most normal person on the planet.   Average in every way.   He began to daydream, A LOT….  And one rainy day in mid April of 1994 he daydreamed himself right into an oncoming semi truck… it was at this moment, he thought to himself  “HOLY HELLS BELLS that was close.”   Andrew regards this moment was when his life began to multiple exponentially…  he began to write down and document each and every daydream as though his daydream were actually a braintrust of partners set to help Andrew create a utopia on Earth…  his mantra “Be the change you seek in this World”…  So day 1 was slow going, but in time the ideas snowballed, he realized quickly on that he was going to need a staff to keep track of the ideas and work to flush the concepts out and ultimately get them into the marketplace…  His first employee quit after 6 hours of Andrew just rapidfire spilling out concepts, ideas and hair-brained schemes one after another…   But on Day 2, a gal came to Andrew’s Studio Homestead out in Beautiful Philo, Illinois… she was a newly hired delivery women for UPS…  she knocked and knocked on the little house as she could tell someone was inside, and she just needed a signature for the 3 boxes on her dolly….

Finally,  after about 5 Minutes Andrew answered the door, he looked like he hasn’t slept in a week…  “oh my, um… are you Andrew Howey?”  …

He said “nevermind all that, take this down immediately…  and he started spilling out idea after idea… and how to’s for this and that and the other things….”   She didn’t really understand what was happening, but found herself grabbing a notepad and writing down everything Andrew was saying and trying her best to keep it all systematically in order… she was Andrew’s absolute best Partner and has been for over 20 years…  her name

Remember to review the story and make notes… there is A LOT going on  J

We own and operate a business called “Seekers Ahoy” …the business is a Human Search Engine… there are people all over the world that don’t like the impersonal nature of the internet and just want a place to call or meet with to get information from a KNOW IT ALL source… using our Supercomputer and our vast network of global contacts (interesting characters, that we can create over time) …we can travel vast distances in no time, but a series of Doors… We also live in a loft that is kind of like a “CARPET BAG” it seemingly has everything (think warehouse 13, or Wacko’s bag or a Tardis) … we start our journey as Michael has decided that the Loft needs fresh blood, Andy/Rodney and Mike have been at this for nearly a decade…we are getting a little old to do everything… Rodney originally creates the concept after the death of a family member… Mike comes in with literally billions of followers as he is a successful Youtube Sensation turned “Broadway performer” he is a Jack of all trades performer, he can sing any style and has a natural way with people… Andy is a terrible inventor, in that he always invents things, but they don’t really work the way they were intended… but luckily for him several things have gone on to make allot of money with the help of the company’s connections with various government, internet and pseudo unsavory groups….

So, what I would like to do is write out and have the show play almost like a “mockumentary” watching our characters lives and things that happen to them in our weekly, or monthly youtube videos, or podcast or whatever we decide… thoughts?

Okay, this will be hard to describe, but the basic Idea is there is a three story building in the middle of America (somewhere, doesn’t really matter where)…. it has 3-4 people living there all the time, and then underground there is a networks of floors with specific things on them… our stories start really really trivial and small on the surface in the three story building and then as the stories develop overtime, we explore the Floors below…. the place is basically a Giant Carpet Bag or Tardis if you want help reading the spreadsheet, let me know…. but I will probably write the first chapter or 2….(that can be turned into a podcast, youtube video, or something, in time) hope this is “a little” clear

we can keep this to Text based, if that is all the group wants, or expand to weekly podcast (which can be a fun improv event), or make youtube videos, or something I am not thinking of… I really mainly want to have a team to create something out of nothing with…. I think you 3 are a great starting team

Good Luck to All of Us


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