People with Hearts of Gold

Drop what you are doing and start following these people’s example for living:

21.  Patrick Fitzgerald, might be the only clean person in Illinois Politics

20.  Lebron James, now that he fixed his biggest gaff of his career by coming back home… he is actually a very good person…

19.  Alan Mulally, President and CEO of Ford

18.  Warren Buffett, Crazy Rich, but extremely down to Earth, who still lives in a 5 bedroom home in Omaha, Nebraska…  I just wish he shared more with me personally

17.  Sacha Baron Cohen,   Pushes every single Envelope in the book…  hurry up and entertain me again

16.  Dustin Pedroia,  if you like Derek Jeter, but need a new favorite player to root for next season, this is your man

Mulally, Alan Bill Gates Bill Murray Dustin Pedroia Elon Musk Lebron James Patrick Fitzgerald Robert and Patricia Kern Robert Duvall Rory Stewart Sacha Baron Cohen Warren Buffett

15.  Bill Gates, Has donated more money than anyone else in recorded history…   that King of the Olmecs might have donated more, but no one wrote it down… sorry Quetzalcoatl if I misspoke

14.  Robert Duvall, He should be the secretary of state for life…  he makes everything better

13.  Justin Timberlake:  Bring it on down to Howeyville!

12.  Will Arnett and Amy Poehler:  Comedy’s Royal Couple…   Honorable Mention to their unofficial daughter Melissa McCarthy

11.  Whoever created Steven Colbert (the character)

10.  David Petraeus    …if Top Brass would stop firing him we might have had World Peace by now…

9.  Rory Stewart      …amazing human being

8.  Gustavo Dudamel      …Great Original Classical Music in the modern age…

7.  John Miller –    Best Reporter Cop Federal Agent in the Business… future Chief of Staff I’d imagine

6.  Bill Clinton  –  only President in my life that seems to understand modern American troubles      his flaws make him more relatible

5.  Russell Brand – This man has no filter and the world is better for it

4.  Sergey Brin and Anne Wojciski – give them a dime they can change the world…  amazing advances in medicine and philanthropy

3.  Bill Murray     –  with the untimely death of Robin Williams, Bill Murray is now the best Celebrity human being

2.   Robert and Patricia Kern – recently gave every dime they had to the Mayo Clinic..   and instead of the money going to salaries like so many charitable donations… they stipulated all funds go to Operational Costs. and $3 million going towards Online educational programs

1.  Elon Musk    –   Biggest Dreamer in the World….  with the funds to be the Biggest Doer and he never disappoints…     looking forward to my Tesla, my trip to Mars and my home running on pure solar energy…  he is the Thomas Edison of our time

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